life in Asia from a black perspective

Rainy Season Life In Thailand

Everyone Is Made Of Sugar

Around this time into late October it’s going to rain hard once to twice a day. Rainy Seaso...

Racism In Thailand: How Hard Is It To Find Work?

Someone or Something Thinks We’re Ugly

I first wrote about racism in Thailand 2 years ago when I just started Farangd...

The Beauty Of Drop Shipping And Why It Works

Traveling Brought Me To eCommerce.

After I had been living in Thailand for about a year I started to wonder how peopl...

Some Things You Should Know About Thailand

So You Think You Can Hack It?

Sure. We would all love to travel to Thailand, buy $1 meals and marvel over how much lo...

Common Mistakes People Make In Thailand

There’s Always That One Person…

There’s always, “That guy/girl…” who at times are painfully unaware of their actions....

Can You Find A Teaching Job in Thailand Without A Degree?

It’s April 2017 and the new school year is set to begin. I’ve been meaning to update the site sooner but procrastinat...

Free 30-Hour TEFL course by Premier TEFL

Exclusive 100% Free 30-hour TEFL Course!

The Awesome People at Premier TEFL have done me one good and made an exclusi...

Can I Find An ESL Job As A Black Teacher?

A New Year With New Possibilities

The last few months I’ve spent a lot of time responding back and forth to e-mails. ...


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